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Cinnamon Scrolls

Shop Pickup

Available: Thursday – Sunday

Order Cut-off: 3 days in advance

Pickup Time: from 10am to 4pm

Pickup Locations:

Marrickville – 132 Illawarra Road, Marrickville NSW 2206

Surry Hills – coming soon

Note: please ensure the pickup date is correct on checkout as no refunds or change of dates are allowed 72 hrs prior to the pickup date. All products are 100% plant based.

Home Delivery

Available: Thursday – Friday

Order Cut-off: 3 days in advance

Delivery Time: 10am – 5pm (window, no individual times can be chosen)

Home Delivery Locations:

Inner Sydney Metro Areas including CBD, Inner West, Lower North Shore (Thursday) and Eastern Suburbs (Friday)

Indulge in Sweet Bliss: Miss Sina’s Irresistible Cinnamon Scrolls – Sydney’s Best 100% Plant-Based Scrolls

Prepare to embark on a journey of sweet ecstasy as Miss Sina unveils the epitome of plant-based indulgence: our delectable Cinnamon Scrolls. Crafted with love and perfected for taste, our scrolls redefine Sydney’s sweet scene, earning the approval even of culinary maestro Gordon Ramsay. Whether you crave the classic OG cinnamon delight, the richness of Biscoff, or the lusciousness of sticky pecans, Miss Sina’s Cinnamon Scrolls are a testament to plant-based perfection.
1. Plant-Based Paradise:
   – Dive into a world of plant-based bliss with our 100% plant-based Cinnamon Scrolls. Perfectly crafted, each scroll is a testament to our dedication to creating sweet treats without compromise.
2. Tasty AF – Gordon Ramsay Approved:
   – Our Cinnamon Scrolls are not just tasty; they are Tasty AF! So delicious that even Gordon Ramsay would give them the nod of approval. Every bite is a burst of flavours that will leave your taste buds dancing in delight.
3. OG Cinnamon Scrolls:
   – Experience the timeless charm of our OG Cinnamon Scrolls. Each swirl is a delicate dance of cinnamon and sugar, encased in a soft, pillowy dough that melts in your mouth. It’s a classic reinvented for the plant-based connoisseur.
4. Biscoff Scrolls:
   – Elevate your indulgence with our Biscoff Scrolls. Rich, velvety Biscoff spread is generously swirled into our signature dough, creating a heavenly fusion of flavours that’s nothing short of extraordinary.
5. Sticky Pecan Scrolls:
   – For those craving a touch of decadence, our Sticky Pecan Scrolls are a must-try. The combination of gooey caramel, crunchy pecans, and our soft dough is a symphony of textures that will transport you to dessert heaven.
6. Sydney and Office Delivery:
   – Convenience meets indulgence with our Sydney and office delivery services. Satisfy your sweet cravings without leaving your doorstep, making every moment a sweet celebration.

Miss Sina’s Cinnamon Scrolls are not just pastries; they are a celebration of plant-based perfection. From the classics to innovative flavours, each scroll is a work of art designed to make your taste buds sing. Experience the best in plant-based indulgence with Miss Sina’s Cinnamon Scrolls – where sweetness meets perfection, and every bite is a moment of pure delight. Order now and treat yourself to a symphony of flavours delivered straight to your door.