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Here at Miss Sina we are proud to turn Sydney’s pastry scene on it’s head. Flakey croissants, giant cinnamon scrolls and fluffy donuts – but make them vegan! We’re here to prove every single day that anything you can make, we can make vegan. Our range of freshly baked goods changes daily to stay exciting for you and our bakers. Seasonal and local whenever we can, we bake everything from scratch. In our cabinets you can find everything from European Classics to Australian Childhood Favourites, with our special little twist. We can’t wait to bake for you!

Le Crookie

Sydney’s home of the viral Crookie! Originating from the streets of Paris, blowing up on Social Media all over the world, the Crookie is a delightful fusion of a crisp croissant and a melty chewy choc chip cookie, now made vegan to cater to everyone’s dietary preferences cause it’s 2024 after all.

Cinnamon Scrolls

You'll have a hard time finding a Cinnamon Scroll as soft and fluffy as ours. We bake them freshly every morning, they are hand filled, rolled and cut with precision before we top them with creamy vanilla bean glaze, sticky pecans or other seasonal flavours. Now including the Gordan Ramsey approved Vegemite Caramel Scrolls as seen on Channel 9 and Foodstars Australia.

Vegan Donuts

Our donuts are so fluffy you won't believe they are vegan. We freshly fry them throughout the day and our flavours range from Cinnamon to Heilala Vanilla Glaze, Rhubarb & Custard, Cookies & Cream, Biscoff and more. No matter which day you're coming in, we promise there'll be a flavour to please everyone.

Vegan Pastries

Thought being vegan meant you could never have flakey and buttery pastries again? We're here to prove you wrong. Our team of bakers and pastry chefs has combined their 200 years of experience to bring you scrumptious Croissants, Pains Au Chocolat, Kouign Amann, Cruffins and more.

Vegan Cakes

Experience the art of celebration with our decadent vegan cakes. Crafted with passion and 100% plant-based goodness, each slice is a journey into sweet perfection. Whether it's a special occasion or a simple craving, our vegan cakes redefine the boundaries of flavor. Delight your taste buds guilt-free at Miss Sina.


Bring the exquisite taste of Miss Sina's vegan pastries to your events. Our catering service transforms gatherings into indulgent experiences, offering a delightful array of plant-based treats. From corporate meetings to special celebrations, let us cater to your cravings with our artisanal vegan pastries. Elevate your event with the unique flavours of Miss Sina.


Discover a world of fun, flavor, and connection at Miss Sina. Our events go beyond the ordinary, offering a unique blend of creativity and joy. From speed dating and cake decorating to children’s cupcake sessions, each event is crafted to create unforgettable moments. Join us for an inclusive and welcoming space where everyone can indulge in the sweetness of life. Check our event calendar and be part of the excitement at Miss Sina!

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Good for you and good
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Sneaky Tray of Cookiebons in Marrickville today 😮

Sneaky Tray of Cookiebons in Marrickville today 😮 ...

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Cookie X Cinnamon Bun 😮 What would you call it? And do you need it?

Cookie X Cinnamon Bun 😮 What would you call it? And do you need it? ...

434 37
Reminder we are open until 7pm tonight! 🧶📚Bring a book or a craft project and relax with pastries, toasties and hot drinks x

Reminder we are open until 7pm tonight! 🧶📚Bring a book or a craft project and relax with pastries, toasties and hot drinks x ...

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See you tomorrow ❤️Open until 7pm

See you tomorrow ❤️Open until 7pm ...

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